The World Tree has appeared from the childhood stories into reality. At least, that’s what people are calling it. Does it bode well or ill? Is it a precursor to something fantastic…or catastrophic? Or is it a hoax? Nobody seems to have any concrete answers. Even the Gods lay silent on the matter.

Those who have been to the Tree either can’t or won’t speak of the matter, yet they bear signs: impossible combinations of eye colors, marks like tattoos, inherent magical abilities that seem foreign to the known magics of the world. And the secrecy. Some of them seem maddened by it, professing a deep desire to tell everything they know, but they don’t dare.

Religious fervor has taken ahold of the world. Cults of previously unknown deities spring up anywhere offering explanations, portents of salvation or annihilation. Most notably to some, the dwarven worshippers of Dumathoin, the Keeper of Secrets, a faith well known to be exclusive to dwarves, have opened their faith to all races.

Many have begun to capitalize on the hysteria. Businesses thrive by playing upon the peoples’ emotions. Con artists and would-be heroes abound, many with great success. Some have taken to capturing and/or killing those who profess to have found the Tree.

Stories of unusual creatures have only just barely begun to circulate. Creatures described as demonic, unnatural, otherworldly and a host of other names have been appearing thus far only in remote locations. Have the peoples’ own paranoia somehow given birth to these events, or is there something more telling in their appearance?

The mayhem does not deter you. You will know the secrets of the Tree. You MUST know.

The World Tree

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