The World Tree

Because of the %&#$ing Rain

Upon leaving the meeting with Armon, the party notices that people have begun taking note of them. A few regard them with awe or respect, but most out of fearful suspicion. No answers are forthcoming, as anybody they try to approach shrinks away from them. Finally they are approached by one of Jerek’s friends.

“What happened to Jerek!? Rumors are flying around town and I don’t know what to believe. Please, as his friend, I need to hear it from you.” “Why can’t you just ask him yourself?” the party asks. “You don’t think we tried? He’s not making any sense. Nobody understands what he’s talking about and he doesn’t respond to our questions or presence. Please, tell me.” Deciding that it’s better for him not to know the truth, they reply “It was a bear that got to him.” The friend sees the lie for what it is. “Okay, fine. But just so you know, you’d better get out of the city. You’re wanted men.”

Right as he leaves, Daniela comes out from the shadows. “I didn’t want you to find me, but I couldn’t just let you get arrested, either. Come with me, some friends and I will help you out of the city. Oh, and promise me you won’t attack my friends on sight.” They follow her into the same district of town where they had the Games. They enter a building and find out who Daniela’s “friends” are: Jarvis and his crew.

Always the businessman, Jarvis takes full advantage of the party’s plight. In exchange for getting them out of the city safely and without pursuit, each party member signs a Blood Contract: when Jarvis asks them for a favor, they must comply with the request or face mortal peril, perhaps death.

The party is disguised as a merchant caravan. Daniela accompanies them, as well as two of Jarvis’ crew members. They are almost given away when one of Samuel’s acquaintances, Garron, approaches Samuel and threatens to make a scene unless Samuel gives him coin. “It’s just brothers looking out for each other, after all,” he snickers.

As the party is bluffing their way through the front gate, Brieck gives a fake name and says he came into the city about two weeks ago. The guard tells them to wait while he checks the register. Bracing themselves for the impending discovery of their deceit, they are surprised when the guard speaks with the man holding the register who has been standing within earshot the whole time. The guard looks it over, nods his assent, returns to the party and tells them they’re good to go. They look back at the man with the register. He winks at them and pulls out a copy of “The Village Boy’s Fairy” and begins reading.

The party takes the road to Rekton, a village that is the main supplier of wheat and apples to Cambria. After a few hours, Jarvis’ two crew members take their leave and the party finds Durth on the road to Rekton as well. He says he was already outside the city in his usual training spot when he found out about his ‘Wanted’ status, so he decided to take the road least traveled: the road to Rekton.

Several days into their trek, the rain picks up. When they reach a passable ravine, a hideous laughter seems to erupt all around the party. They are attacked by the notorious highwayman The Manic Rogue.

[Battle Music: Titan’s Dune – Two Steps From Hell, with sound of rainfall accompaniment]

Fighting through his trap (which they were able to do much more easily than expected BECAUSE OF THE %&#$ING RAIN) they take the Manic Rogue’s signature face mask and continue to Rekton.

They arrive a few days later. They collect a bounty that was on the Manic Rogue’s head for $10,000 if dead. The Mayor, Stefan, pays them and invites them to dinner. Every night, the entire town has a community dinner that the women cook for all the men who have been toiling in the fields since dawn. After the party accepts the dinner invitation, Stefan asks them if they would be willing to do them another favor: of late, the crops have been infected by a strange disease that they have never seen before. The last caravan that came in only a few weeks ago had two people willing to look into the matter. After telling Stefan they traced the source to something in the cave by the seashore, about an hour’s walk from the town center, they went to investigate the caves and never returned. Nobody in Rekton is prepared to handle any sort of real danger like this, being simple folk and all, so Stefan asks them if they would be willing to go investigate themselves in the morning. The party agrees.

The dinner begins shortly after. With music played by the locals, plenty of strong drink, delicious food and friendly company a good time is had by all. Even the few people who remain somewhat wary of the dark elves become comfortable after time; after all, they DID slay one of the more prominent highwaymen and the Mayor has said that they will take care of their crop problem. Plus, they DO seem rather jovial.

The evening wanes and the good people of Rekton begin to trickle out to their homes. The party follows suit and retired for the evening.



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