The World Tree

A Game of Life

The party returns to Elise and inform her of her father’s death. Showing her the toe ring that Baron Korzan gave them, Elise buys it. She promises a hefty reward to the players, but it will take two days before she can deliver it.

The party passes the time by looking into another lead: Daniela. Arrow is able to find out that Daniela has angered the wrong people, and her whereabouts for the past three days are unknown. But if they had to guess, she was being held by the rumored Thieves Guild…which, officially, doesn’t exist, of course.

Zaknithra and Xull’ree don’t find much, but they DO garner the attention of a dangerous looking individual. Splitting up to reconnoiter elsewhere and pincer him, he evades the sprung trap with ease. Leaning casually against the wall of a building behind them and reading a book, the man casually explains one of the reasons why this particular children’s tale, “The Village Boy’s Fairy”, is his favorite:

“When the boy finds this fairy, a creature that existed only in stories, he is utterly fascinated. The two of them, being young and innocent, become friends. In his naivete, the boy decides to finally introduce the fairy to his parents. The parents, panic-stricken, chase the fairy away and explain to the boy just how much danger he was truly in. They inform him that her kind are a dark and cunning lot, amusing themselves at the cost of others…usually their lives.” He snaps the book closed and looks at Zaknithra and Xull’ree. “It was then, gentlemen, that the boy learned that he was in way over his head. Fortunately, the boy was smart enough to listen to his elders.” He walks in close to the two. “Are you?”

“…Nope,” replies Xull’ree. “Hi, I’m Xull’ree. What’s your name?”

The man hangs his head down and sighs. “You’re not going to let this go, are you? Very well. Get your friends and follow me. Oh, and call me Jarvis.”

The party meets up and follows Jarvis. He leads them to a section of town off the beaten path and into an abandoned building. The party follows him as the path twists and turns, leading them deeper. They come to a door. Jarvis opens it and beckons them in. “Come inside, and we’ll talk about Daniela.” As the last party member goes through, Jarvis yells “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!” The door slams shut and locks.

[Trap room music: What’s Happening To Me? – Two Steps From Hell]

[Battle music: Whoever Brings the Night (Instrumental) – Nightwish]

The party finds themselves in an underground arena of sorts. After working through several rooms of traps, the party finds a girl facing off against orcs. She looks like she won’t be able to handle much more. Coming to her aid, the party fights off wave after wave of enemies: first orcs, then ogres, then a warrior astride a tiger. At the end of it all, Jarvis enters the arena cheering. “Excellent! You have your reward—the girl and your lives—and I have mine: a hefty profit! You may go now. Feel free to return anytime; there will be coin in it for you next time!” He also invites them to the after-celebration, but the party declines. They take Daniela to the inn and she immediately retires, explaining that she is exhausted after the day’s ordeals. Feeling much the same way, the party follows suit.



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