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    Half Elf Ranger Searching for Answers
  • Samuel Draconus

    Samuel Draconus

    5th level Human Rogue
  • Vere Tyr'lylth

    Vere Tyr'lylth

    A beautiful elf searching for a way to save Zak, there is a tone to her voice, and a look in her eyes... it is almost as if something is lost in her.
  • Xull'ree Arkennett

    Xull'ree Arkennett

    Sporting a dark robe of some under dark material Xull'ree wears his robe to cover his dark skin in the upper world becasue of the reactions and the hatred from the people who live here. Buckled over his robe is a short sword that he uses very, very rarely
  • Zaknithra Auvryarn

    Zaknithra Auvryarn

    Dressed in a gray, sleeveless tunic with a hood and slightly darker pants. Zaknithra's eyes have become even more vivid, almost an aura of red, with flecks of gold.