Baron Korzan

A ruthless and connected businessman


A shrewd trader who can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

His daughter, Elise, claims that he has been the primary source of her physical abuse and neglect. She hires the party to kill him. However, when the party ambushes and defeats him, his story contradicts hers:

“She thinks I don’t know [about Elise’s preparation to take over his empire and her impressive competence], does she? I’ve watched her come into her own for years now. I know damn well she’s almost as shrewd as I am, but if she still thinks I’m blind then that shows how much she has to learn still. You might be interested to know that only some of those bruises were mine; those gashes she did to herself. Looked pretty convincing, though, didn’t it? And she told you she had been to the Tree? Psh…fools. You are on an errand that will end only in your death. Here: take my money and let us be on our way. And take this toe ring. It will help convince Elise that I am dead."

Baron Korzan

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