Elise Korzan

Daughter of Baron Korzan


Elise is the beautiful teenage daughter of the Baron Korzan, a man known for being a cunning and ruthless businessman. Her eyes shine with colors of blue, green, brown and flecks of a metallic color—gold? Copper? It’s hard to tell.

Her account of finding the Tree:

“I eloped with my lover John, who then betrayed me to kidnappers. I never did know who my other captors were, or where they went. One day they were attacked—by what? I couldn’t say—and after escaping and running for over a day, I was near exhaustion when I found the Tree.” Upon beginning to speak of the matter, it was as if something seized upon her and silenced her. After moments of silence, she regained her composure. “Then, I traveled home. Alone."

Elise is a cunning girl who is preparing herself to take over her father’s business, but her father would never give it to her simply because she’s a woman. She aims to take control of his empire in what seems to be the only possible way: have Baron Korzan killed.

Elise believes the party when she is told that her father is dead. They can only hope that he remains true to his word and lays low.

The party discovers that Elise leads the cartel that chokes the food supply and extols the people of Cambria. She is proving to be far worse than her father ever was.

Elise Korzan

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