Tahrmyl Valandrin


Tahrmyl reached the Tree with his two brothers, Eldul and Ki’ethar. Unfortunately their kin, the elves of Miranveil, remain obstinately doubtful about the truth of things. Rebuked by their Elders for their “foolish, youthful fantasies”, Tahrmyl is disheartened and begins to doubt himself. His brothers remain staunch, so much that it keeps him going. Unfortunately, they draw the attention of Asmodean’s agents to themselves. Eldul is killed so that he and Ki’ethar can escape. Grief-stricken and thoroughly discouraged, Tahrmyl abandons the cause and seeks to pick up the pieces of the life he had before he had been to the Tree. The Elders are pleased with his decision and make his transition easier for him. Hoping to set the example for his younger brother, he is surprised and saddened by Ki’ethar’s disgust with him and refusal to abandon their quest. By his own actions Ki’ethar gets himself exiled from Miranveil.

Years pass. Despite his wanting to live a normal life, Tahrmyl cannot shake off what he has learned, nor forget his younger brother. He blames himself for Ki’ethar’s exile, and over time that burden drives him to do something about it. He searches for Ki’ethar far and wide.

Unable to find a trace of him, Tahrmyl returns to Marinveil. Just outside of its borders, he hears a familiar song being played. Racing to it, he finds his brother. His joy is soon replaced with a cautious fear. Ki’ethar regards him dispassionately and offers to kill him mercifully to remove the crushing hopelessness of a meaningless life. Tahrmyl is horrified. He offers to help, but Ki’ethar tells him that no one can be helped; all are equally doomed. With an unnerving coldness in his eyes, Ki’ethar says that he will let him leave and continue his life, but only because they are brothers, which once meant something.

Heartbroken, Tahrmyl returns to Miranveil and finds that several of their kin have disappeared without a trace while outside of the city. Faint echoes of a mournful song are sometimes heard on the wind around the time that people disappear, but is gone before anyone can find its source. In the pit of his stomach, Tahrmyl knows that Ki’ethar is responsible. Afraid to go to the Elders, he returns to the Tree for the first time since Eldul’s death and asks for guidance. The Tree tells him that there is a group that can help him and possibly save his brother. They are in Cambria, and they can be contacted either through Jarvis or Armon. Wanting to deal with the matter as quickly as possible, he sends a letter via magical means to Armon, explaining his problem and desperately seeking help.

Tahrmyl helps the party find and convince Ki’ethar to have hope. Tahrmyl is devastated when Ki’ethar atones for his wrongs by telling the elves of Miranveil the truth, drawing Asmodean’s attention and sacrificing his soul to his awful grasp. He and his kin are welcomed to the Tree and pledge to stand against Asmodean.

Tahrmyl Valandrin

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